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We have invested in our internal business platform and have equipped our field sales team with live order capability direct into our internal systems. This efficiency gives us more time to explore every growth opportunity with store managers and owners.


We are continually looking to improve our business and use technology at the forefront of everything we do – we look to blend traditional sales techniques with new more efficient ways of working, this includes improving our technical capability, equipping us with the tools we require to effectively sell your brands.

Data is one of the key areas that we focus on, we use data captured in stores to gain insight on brand and SKU performance, helping us understand areas of potential growth.

Tablet technology enable us to capture data easily and focus on our number 1 job in store – driving incremental sales for your brands!


We use data captured in store to improve brand performance.  We can review price points, shelf space, distribution.  We also have eyes and ears instore to track what your competitive set are doing!

Insight Gained:

Brand 1 – distribution dropped in month 10 – this was due to a shortage at source in month 9, our field sales team were targeted to bring distribution up to 85%
Brand 2 – targeted distribution of 60%  in all stores in NI.  Month 1 to Month 3 drop in distribution.  A store led incentive was put in place to achieve target
Brand 3 – a fighting brand were the SKU needs to be in large stores only – manufacturer happy with current level of distribution
Brand 4 – NPD launched in Month 1, with a target of being distributed in 40% of stores, 3 months after launch.  Target achieved.

You can also avail of promotional evaluation.  When you promote we can review what works and what doesn’t work? This analysis helps drive a promotional plan that works for you.

We can conduct a promotional evaluation to help understand what promotional mechanics work best for customer & consumer.


4 promos on the brand per year depth differs per promo (base £1.89)

1. 80p off drove incremental 6k volume
2. BOGOF – drove 2k of volume
3. 1/2 prices – drove 6k of volume
4. 80p off drove incremental 5k volume