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Managing your brands at head office level, securing new head office listings and managing your business is what we do best. We work with all head office accounts, winning the trust of buyers, through relationships built over many many years. Let us leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships and take on the challenge of building your brands!

Base Business

Base sales are a fundamental driver for growing your business profitably, which we are acutely aware of. Incremental listing, facings as well as visibility is an essential enabler in growing base business.

Promotions, Promotions, Promotions…

Are a fact of life in the industry we operate in. An understanding of effective promotional mechanics which work for consumers, retailers and manufacturers is critical in driving brand performance.

We aim to implement your pre agreed promotional mechanics and calendars in a clear and transparent way.

Promotional feature can be an expensive part of your promotional spend, UB Foods will explore every opportunity to get incremental display space in store when on promotion.

Day to day

With the day to day management of your brands, some customers need 10 calls a day some need 1 call per month, your products will be given whatever time necessary to ensure that the customer stays extremely important to you and us.

When we secure listings at head office we ensure that your products end up on shelf and ultimately in a shoppers basket,  through our Field Sales Team

Example of how we use data to drive insight for action: The graph shows the distribution (listed on shelf) on one of our partners.