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UB Foods have an experienced and dedicated Field Sales Team that calls on over 7000 stores a year. In each call we:

Do the House Keeping

We tidy the fixture, ensuring that sufficient products are on shelf in the correct position…..not stuck behind competitors products or worse stuck in the back store.
If the fixture has a planogram, we will ensure that the brands we represent are placed in the designated positions.

We Audit the fixture

and capture if the product is listed, what the in store price is and if required, what your competitor is doing in store If the brand/SKU is not in stock, or worse still not listed, audit data can be crucial in enabling corrective action to be taken.


Our team operate in a flexible way, depending on the retailer, we influence the store manager to place an order for product listed in the retailers head office. Alternatively we can also sell directly to store owner/manager and on all occasions give reasons why the retailer will benefit from offer their consumers products we are supplying.

Order Capture

When applicable, our Sales Representatives capture an order and place that order instantaneously through our live ordering system.

Pre Sell new listings and or New Product Development

It can be difficult to get a buyer to list your product, or they are unclear of what volume to purchase in advance. We mitigate this by actioning our reps to undertake a pre sell in store to prove demand or confirm volume requirements. We consolidate this information and present it to the Head Office buyer with sufficient data to justify listing or ordering.

POS (Point of Sale)

Secondary Displays have been proven to generate 14% increase in product rate of sale vs being on the standard fixture – if you have point of sale material, we can use our significant experience to get these displays onto the shop floor. We also can place, shelf wobblers, barkers and the like to aid consumer communication/messaging in store.