Offering flexibility is at the core of our business, we know that every manufacturer has specific requirements, we aim to tailor our services to fit the needs of your business. We can offer a single service or we can offer a combination, whether you require an all inclusive service or just storage for your products in our purpose built warehouse, then we can accommodate.

Contact us to discuss driving your brand performance in both Northern Ireland and Ireland – +44 (0) 28 92 682644

We offer flexibility. We work with manufacturers to provide a flexible service that accommodates their needs in Ireland. For some manufacturers we offer a full service a one stop shop Account management through to Back Office Support for others we provide fields sales.



Managing your brands at head office level, securing new head office listings and managing your business is what we do best. We work with all head office accounts, winning the trust of buyers, through relationships built over many many years.

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UB Foods have an experienced and dedicated Field Sales Team that calls on over 7000 stores a year. We tidy the fixture, ensuring that sufficient products are on shelf in the correct position…not stuck behind competitors products or worse stuck in the back store.

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To all NI Grocery & Convenience Market we offer highly competitive rates as we currently call on the majority of retail base and all larger Grocery Accounts in Republic of Ireland

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We have a custom built 20,000 sq ft warehouse located on the M1/A1 linking all routes in Ireland.

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To enable the commercial team to focus on the growth agenda, a platform must exist, this is the purpose of the back office function. A robust control framework exists which ensures tight cash management and clear, transparent financial performance reporting.

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We are continually looking to improve our business and use technology at the forefront of everything we do – we look to blend traditional sales techniques with new more efficient ways of working, this includes improving our technical capability, equipping us with the tools we require to effectively sell your brands.

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